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Presentation Distributed computing is the transmission of figuring as a capability as opposed to a mechanical decent, whereby normal methods, programming, and signs are conveyed to PCs and different devices as a help over a framework (Mell and Grance, 2011). Distributed computing praises, naturally brought together, offices with the moved information, programming, and control through an association. Programming as an assistance (SaaS) is habitually contacted with distributed computing. End clients have an entrance to cloud depended claims through a system program or a light weight work area or portable application while the word related programming and realities are stored on servers at a far off spot. Cloud applications endeavor to extend the equivalent or more advantageous assistance and introduction than if the product bundles were associated close by on the end-client processors. At the premise of distributed computing is the greater thought of association meeting (or Converged Substructure) and shared offices. Such an information centered condition licenses endeavors to build up their solicitations fully operational prior, with more quiet reasonability and less upkeep, and permits IT to extra rapidly modify IT assets to experience changing and capricious word related interest. Cloud Clients Administrators get to distributed computing expending connected customer systems, for example, work area processors, PCs, tablets and portable. Among these apparatuses, cloud customers depend distributed computing for totally or a standard of their solicitations in order to be on a very basic level absence of it. Cases are slight clients and the chrome alcoves dependent on programs. Various cloud entries don't require exact programming on the customer and in its place utilize a net program to interrelate through the cloud application. With AJAX and HTML5, these... ...asonable. It is additionally valid for customary/traditional server farms. In this manner nations with promising conditions like Sweden, Europe and Switzerland are requesting to enchant distributed computing insights focuses. Vitality capability in distributed computing can outcome from vitality cognizant arrangement and server coalition. However, in the condition of scattered mists above server farms with unique premise of energies checking inexhaustible premise of energies, a little exchange on vitality ingesting decrease could result in high carbon impression drop. This innovation is required to develop significantly in the coming years, and may possibly be one of the imaginative advancements that spring our human advancement into another period. The speed where data is being moved and put away is developing continually and there is no indication of that easing back down at any point in the near future.

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H306 Mens Health Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

H306 Mens Health Interview - Essay Example Dissimilar to in the past when I would run my carport productively, I as of now needed to leave a portion of my duties to my youngsters a component that has definitely diminished my profit. Persistent: Prior to the disclosure of the condition, I had a wellbeing spread with a neighborhood insurance agency in the city. In any case, the protection provided food just for the time I remained conceded in medical clinic. When I was released, I needed to pay for my ensuing visits to the medical clinic other than the way that I need to purchase the medications that I use in dealing with the condition. The expenses of medications and customary visits to the emergency clinics have been deplorable for my family. As I had stated, I needed to give up a portion of the obligations I would participate in the past at my carport. This diminished my profit attributable to the way that the carport is an independent venture. Moreover, the way that I needed to keep organization consistently further confused my way of life since I need to connect with one of my children. The updates on my condition frightened the solidness of my family. On the day I fallen, it took long for the individuals around me to choose the most suitable aim of activity. I hence almost kicked the bucket at the scene. At the point when my family in the end came to see me at the medical clinic, my condition broke their hearts. Be that as it may, they have remained steady continually understanding my circumstance and saving cash at whatever point conceivable. They have diminished their interest accordingly making it simpler for me to adapt to my condition. In spite of their help and getting demeanor, I despite everything notice the torment n their eyes and the strain they experience correcting their spending plans so as to support me. Questioner: Sorry for the torment sir, your condition is an aftereffect of way of life complexities. What was your way of life before the ailments and how has this changed once you understood you have the illness? Tolerant: My PCPs let me know so as well and I have in deed rebuilt my life so as to stretch my life and deal with the condition. I cherished sweet staple

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Writing a Persuasive Paper

Writing a Persuasive PaperWriting a persuasive paper can be a daunting task. With a dwindling number of professors, writers and graduates, writing a persuasive paper has become more difficult to do. When you want to write a persuasive paper, there are certain things that you need to consider.The paper needs to be well structured. Each argument in the paper should be formulated in an orderly manner. If you find it difficult to write a convincing essay, you need to first study the content of your subject and then make sure that your arguments are well developed. You need to know that your readers will follow you to the end. This way, you will be able to earn their trust.Writing a persuasive paper requires you to present your content in a positive light. You need to make it sure that you present your topic in a positive light and that you do not focus on negative things. For instance, if you are dealing with the topic of fraud, you will be able to convince the readers to trust you with their money because you have given them a piece of good news about the topic.Convincing your readers is very important when you are writing a persuasive paper. However, this process can be easy if you are able to know the type of people that will read your paper. If you have a less than favorable reader base, then you will find it hard to convince them of your points.The next thing that you need to consider when you are writing a persuasive paper is your audience. If you want to convince the readers that you are the best, then you need to know the type of audience that you are targeting. This is because you need to figure out whether or not your audience is receptive or not.The audience also impacts the type of writing that you need to do. A written paper needs to be structured in a way that will allow you to develop your thoughts to your audience. Of course, if your audience is highly sensitive, then you will need to deal with them with sensitivity. You can discuss other topics in your paper that are not controversial.In order to get your point across, you need to persuade your readers. You need to figure out how to persuade your readers so that they will see you as the best. If you can't do this, then you won't be able to earn their trust.You need to do these things if you want to write a persuasive paper. However, if you find it difficult to do so, then you will have a hard time convincing your readers that you are the best. You will have to write a persuasive paper.

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How The Social Determinants Of Health Have A Direct Impact...

Education has an imperative correlation to health outcomes. The following presented case study will demonstrate an example of how the social determinants of health have a direct impact on health status. Mrs. Smith is a 68-year-old female who was bad a diagnosis of type I diabetes for 37 years. She has developed a pressure ulcer on her left foot, which has increasingly worsened and become necrotic in certain areas. She has had uncontrolled diabetes for many years and often does not prescribe to her medication regiment â€Å"because those things don’t really work anyways.† She often has difficulties self-administering her insulin doses or understanding which dosage she should take of the short-acting insulin. Additionally, she has had a poor†¦show more content†¦This is often related to the fact that education increases income, employment and provides greater job security. Education also produces enhanced literacy. This allows for individuals to better comprehend the societal aspects that impact their health. Additionally, by having greater literacy, a patient can advocate for their health, implement healthier lifestyle choices and seek out resources to enhance their health (Mikkonen, Raphael, 2010). The literature also demonstrates that with poor education there are increase hospitalization rates, increased use of emergency services and medication are not taken as directed (blackboard). Therefore Mrs. Smith was admitted to hospital for a foot ulcer due to complications related to diabetes mellitus. Recommendations for Change at Level of HCP The recommendations for change to practice at the level of the provider would include first treating the underlying problem that Mrs. Smith was admitted for. According to the literature, a progressively worsening diabetic foot ulcer involves implementing a multitude of strategies to prevent amputation of the limb. This allow for decreased rates in mortality and can increase quality of life. Adequate wound management such as debridement, and offloading techniques should be instilled. Furthermore, education by the provider would be of critical importance for Mrs. Smith in terms of consistent foot care and management of her disease process (Yazdanpanah, Nasiri, Adarvishi, 2015). DueShow MoreRelatedDeterminants Of Health And Health Of Canada Essay1394 Words   |  6 PagesDeterminants of health are specific categories in a person s life which impact their mental and physical health. Brought into light by a report produced for the Government of Canada by the minister of national healt h and welfare Marc Lalonde in 1974 titled A new perspective on the health of Canadians Ottawa. The report sought to move healthcare in Canada from a purely physiological process into one which included preventative measures from environment and lifestyle. This behavioural approach wasRead MoreA Model of Determinents of Health751 Words   |  3 PagesA determinant of health refers to an aspect that leads to change in health status,either for the benefit or non-benefit (Keleher and Murphy, 2004). In this perspective a model was introduce in 1991.In the following paragraphs, we will discuss this model and relation of all determinants with each other, Ie choose education determinant out of living and working conditions layer of the model and further i shall give explanation on about this determinant to health and wellness. Furtherdown, there willRead MoreIncome Inequality And Low Socioeconomic Status795 Words   |  4 Pagesand population health experts have researched and analyzed t he issue of income inequality and low socioeconomic status and how it relates to one’s health conditions. Across the globe, income has a major impact on the quality of other determinants of health, such as housing, food security and other basic prerequisites for health (Mikkonen and Raphael, 2010). Socioeconomic status (SES) can impact an individual’s health through factors such as control over material resources, social and political powerRead MoreUnnatural Causes : Is Inequality Making Us Sick1466 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween socioeconomic status and health, it was said that college graduates live 2.5 years longer than high school graduates† (California Newsreel, 2008). This documentary illustrated how one’s level of education not only impacts their quality of life, but also impacts the duration of one’s life. This video was very surprising, instructive, informative, depressing and occasionally infuriating. I have always known that there were a lot of factors that influence ones health, but I had never reallyRead MoreThe Mortality Of Maternal Mortality1496 Words   |  6 Pagesprioritization of women s health and threatens the health and survival of families, young children, and even the communities in which they live (Royston and Armstrong, 1989). Maternal mortality is unacceptably high (WHO, 2015b). Globally, approximately 830 women die every day from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications (ibid.). The causes of maternal mortality are predominately preventable and can be classified into three fundamental causes: (1) medical - consisting of direct medical problems andRead MoreInside Type 2 Diabetes Essay1735 Words   |  7 Pagesactive lifestyle can stem from the social determinants of health, including ones social background, lifestyle, the environment in which they live and th e economic. One’s health and health needs can be affected due to inequalities and diversity within the health system and the available access to facilities and support (REFERENCE). Discrimination and determinants of life takes an added toll on the health of people with type 2 diabetes, ‘diabetes is strongly linked to social and economic disadvantage, andRead MoreUnnatural Causes Essay1061 Words   |  5 Pagespeople believe, America’s health status is not quite â€Å"up-to-par,† to say the least. Over forty-seven million people in the United States lack health insurance; that is more than 15% of our nation’s population! At first this disturbing truth seems impossible to believe, being as America is one of the most technologically advanced and economically developed countries in the world. â€Å"We spend trillions of dollars per year on medical care. That’s nearly half of all the health dollars spent in the worldRead MoreThe Social Determina nts Of Health1555 Words   |  7 Pagespeople, has had a tremendous impact comprehensively. After so, this contact decimated every aspect of the Indigenous way of life. The health and well-being of Indigenous people initiated to worsen severely not only in the physical aspect but also mental. According to National Household Survey conducted in 2011, 1,400,685 people have been identified as being a member of one of the Aboriginal groups within Canada. Within these Aboriginal groups, critical mental health issues such as major depressionRead MoreThe Social Determinants Of Health1623 Words   |  7 PagesStress has been identified as one of the social determinants of health. It has different meanings in various contexts, so a proper definition will give a good insight of the term.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Stress can be defined as a state of emotional or mental disturbance resulting from adverse or demanding conditions.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Stress can also be defined as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental disturbance and could be a causal in disease formation. StressesRead MoreEssay about Indigenous Health1500 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The status of Indigenous health in contemporary Australia is a result of historic factors as well as contemporary socio-economic issues† (Hampton Toombs, 2013, p. 1). The poor health position of Indigenous Australians is a contemporary reflection of their historical treatment as Australia’s traditional owners. This treatment has led to Indigenous Australians experiencing social disadvantages, significantly low socio-economic status, dispossession, poverty and powerlessness as a direct result

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Compensation And Benefits Strategies Recommendations Essay

Benefits and Compensation Strategies Recommendations TEAM B: Ben F. Soares, Thomas Manning, Zoua Yang, Ziad Shamma HRM 531 David John Stocker Benefits and Compensation Strategies Recommendations Introduction: Market Evaluation: When constructing a benefits and compensation strategy, it is important to understand what companies in comparable markets are providing to their employees. For our company, Clayton Commercial Construction, who wants to open up operations in Arizona, it means looking at what other construction companies in and around the state of Arizona are providing as compensation and benefits. Clayton currently employees 650 people in the state of Michigan and is looking to add 130 people (20% increase in headcount)†¦show more content†¦Rewarding performance will motivate employees to continue their good performance or adjust bad performance. Correlating performance with pay ensures that rewards are only given to employees who operate at a high level Since this structure encourages employees to perform at the best of their abilities, management will get the most out of its resources. This becomes doubly important in the construction industry where resources, including budgets, materials, and timeframes are limited. A skilled-based pay structure would be less beneficial because it makes it difficult to do market comparisons, and it would also require the company to keep track of all the skills that every employee has. This in turn would increase cost in the long run, complicated and not time effective (Hausser Lebing, 1996). Time-Based pay structure promotes loyalty to the organization since promotions and increases in pay are based on the length of times the employee is with the organization, but the disadvantages outweigh the positive. For example, this compensation structure sends a message that performance does not matter, which in turn, will cause top performing employees to seek employment in other companies that will recognize their contributions (Hausser Lebing, 1996). Position in the Market: Considering that Clayton has 650 employees and wants to add another 20% in the state of Arizona, and with net income at $10 million, this would put Clayton as aShow MoreRelatedCompensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations1139 Words   |  5 PagesCompensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendation HRM 531 Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendation Providing a first-rate benefits package for employees can be an important part of the recruitment and retention puzzle, especially for small businesses. Benefits matter. Small businesses like the limo service Bradley Stonefield is establishing has many challenges. Nowadays, companies are running on leaner budgets. There is competition in attracting good employees betweenRead MoreReport on in a World of Pay944 Words   |  4 Pagesbe appointed) †¢ Jà ¼rgen Mehr –Typware’s European head of Marketing. †¢ Thomas – CEO of the firm. †¢ Rainer Barth – Contact at the consulting firm. Typware is a German software giant which new strategy is to increase their international revenues by 10%. In order to do that, they need professional to help increase their international sales. Anne Prevost, who engineered a huge uptick in sales for a company that has been making incursions into TypwaresRead MoreCase Study : Compensation And Wal Mart1185 Words   |  5 PagesCase #4: Compensation and Wal-Mart Introduction When most people talk about Compensation they tend to think about money and getting paid. Well they are partially correct in that you do receive something mainly money for a service someone has done. Compensation refers to money received for work, such as wages, salaries and tips, while the word benefits describes job extras provided by the employer. (Frenz, 2016) Employees can also receive benefits from their companies like health and dental insuranceRead MoreHRM 531 Wk 3 Compensation Benefit1143 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations for Landslide Limousines Patricia Bernal Cody Brenneman Seneca Hart Jose Morales Yolanda N. Marion Michael Templeton Team A HRM531 November 10, 2014 Instructor Foy Wallace, III Compensation and Benefits Strategies Introduction to the assignment for the week. Recommendations for Landslide Limousines As we put this paper together, let’s make sure we cover all the requirements: Conduct a market evaluation by researching what companiesRead MoreWeek 3 Team Assignment Essay1483 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations Team A MGT/521 Human Capital Management February 5th, 2015 Dr. Andrea Diese Landslide Limousines Compensation and Benefits Strategy Recommendation This paper provides an analysis of a proposed benefits and compensation package for Landslide Limousines that is comparable to companies that are similar in size and scope in Austin, Texas. Team A proposes a compensation structure and position in the market, as well as a total compensation and benefitsRead MoreSamsung Electronics s Current Compensation Program1646 Words   |  7 PagesSamsung Electronics’ current compensation program can be evaluated for effectiveness based on several factors. An effective compensation program must create employee motivation, value employee efforts, and be aligned with internal strategies as well as external conditions. We will evaluate Samsung’s current compensation strategy based on the internal and external alignment aspects. Internally consistent compensation programs take into account the internal factors of a firm such as resources, performanceRead MoreHsa 530 Health Services Human Resource1250 Words   |  5 PagesYour first t ask is to create a set of policies and procedures to ensure that the organization’s HRM processes are aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. You are also responsible for completing a hiring plan, training plan, compensation and benefits plan, and a performance appraisal. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Examine a significant way that the Joint Commission has influenced the basic functions of HRM and predict the likely impact of the policies andRead MoreHenderson Printing1168 Words   |  5 PagesI have been asked to review the compensation system practices for Henderson Printing with a view to establishing a common set of principles and practices that are understood by both management and employees of the organization. In addition, it is both logical and desirable to ensure that Henderson Printing is motivating and rewarding a common set of skills and behaviours to all employees consistently in the organization in order for Henderson Printing to be the most viable organization as possibleRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Car Service With An Employee Base Of Approximately Twenty Five Persons1413 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst year. We have put together a business plan that includes a market evaluation of compensation, a compensation structure, a market position, a performance incentive pay, compensation / benefits strategy, and the laws that will be relative to benefits and pay for your company. These suggestions will help you get started in business venture and help you get you started for success. Market Evaluation of Compensation The Austin, Texas area limousine drivers earn an average hourly rate of $11.80 perRead MoreCompensation and Benefit in Dominos Pizza Essay1302 Words   |  6 Pagesprovide the best penetration to the international markets. The paper will discuss the system and sources of compensation and benefit in Dominos Pizza in the United States. The paper will also critically appraise the current strategy and give appropriate recommendations for further development. The system and sources of compensation and benefit in Dominos Pizza The compensation and benefit systems of Dominos Pizza in the United States are tightly connected with its methods of international expansion

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Functionalist View Of The School As Secondary...

Another functionalist view is that of Talcott Parsons, who focuses on the function of the school as being secondary socialisation and acts as a bridge between the family and wider society. In the family we gain ascribed status and are judged on particularistic terms, this means that we are seen as a particular person, i.e. son/daughter, and as such receive specific treatment. When we move into wider society we are judged in terms of our achieved status, that which we have gained through our own merits, and are treated with universalistic values. Schools help to bridge the wide gap between the two by providing a system whereby we move from particularistic values, say in primary schools, to universalistic values in later education. The principle of achieved status is taught through exams performance and universalistic values through school rules that apply to all. Parsons believes that schools and society are meritocratic, and as such all are treated equally and everybody has the same opportunities to succeed. Through this, schools instil the value of achievement and the value of equality of opportunity. The value of achievement is taught through rewards for doing well in exams and schoolwork and encourages children to strive to do their best. Parsons argues that as we live in a stratified society, it is important to instil this value to ensure that the most able people are motivated to fill the most important positions. Therefore, through education, role allocation canShow MoreRelatedUsing Material from Item a and Elsewhere Assess the Contribution of Functionalism to Our Understanding of the Role of Education.1422 Words   |  6 PagesFunctionalism is based on the view that society is a system of interdependent parts held together by a shared culture or value consensus (agreement) amongst individuals as to what values or norms are important in society. Therefore they take a positive view of the education system. As item A suggests they see it as a form of secondary socialism essential to maintaining society i.e. the values and norms transmitted by social institutions and groups whi ch build upon those learnt in the family (primary socialism)Read MoreHow Teacher s Expectations Play An Important Role On The Pupil s Educational Career1493 Words   |  6 PagesEducation is considered one factor of socialisation. It involves the acquisition of knowledge and the learning skills(Haralambos, 2004). From functionalist and Marxist macro-sociological perspectives education is a second agency of socialisation. Functionalist perspective was the dominant approach until the 1960s. This consensus theory argued that education helps to transmit society s norms and values. It promotes a meritocratic society by allocating people on their appropriate jobs. However, MarxistRead More Durkheim and Parsons Views on Functionalist Perspective of Education1080 Words   |  4 PagesThis essay will discuss the Functionalists views of education by describing and evaluating Durkheim and Parsons Views. It will then go on to discuss the alternative to Functionalists perspectives by discussi ng Marxist and Liberalists views of the role of education. Durkheim believes that education passes on the norms and values, this integrates individuals into society, the norms and values are then extended into later life and without this it would cause chaos because people would do what they wantedRead More Functionalist and Marxist Approaches to Education and Economy1821 Words   |  8 PagesFunctionalist and Marxist Approaches to Education and Economy Functionalist and Marxist perspectives differ considerably in the way they view the relationship between education and the economy. Both perspectives agree that the educational system provides society with certain functions, but they disagree about the purpose of these functions and more importantly who benefits from them. Functionalists see the educational system as providing a positive educational experienceRead MoreTheories of Education2587 Words   |  11 Pages------------------------------------------------- Compare and contrast Functionalist and Marxist theories of Education in Society. The role of education in society has an important effect on society by way of transmitting cultural values and contributing to the social stratification or class system. Functionalists also referred to as consensus theorists believe education helps stability and functioning of society, whereas conflict theorists namely the Marxists see education as justifying andRead MoreSociology Essay20437 Words   |  82 Pagesteaching context. No other rights are granted without permission in writing from the publisher or under licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency Limited, of Saffron House, 6–10 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS. Any person who commits any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. Published in 2010 by: Nelson Thornes Distance Learning Delta Place 27 Bath Road CHELTENHAM GL53 7TH United Kingdom 10 11 12 13 14 15 / 10 9

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Professional skills for Information Communication Technology

Question: Explain Professional Skills For Information Communication Technology? Answer: Introduction The following report is based on how organizations in the information technology industry leveraging robots as their significant of product of developing the business and gaining competitive advantage. The report discusses the organizations manufacturing robotic technologies top the market irrespective of increasing market challenges and ethical government strict regulations on the use of report. The report also highlights how robotic technology can be marketed dealing with all challenges. The following report is conducted considering the information provided in the case study about an Artificial Intelligence company located in Brisbane. As robotic technologies have tremendously gained popularity across the world, the company grows the interest in using robotic technologies in different field such as transportation, manufacturing and mining. Even though, the current business of the company is not unsatisfactory whatsoever, it is essential for the company to think of growing the busin ess with a product that enables the company easily penetrate in the market. Most importantly, the focus on robotics might remain sustainable as technology is widely embraced by the entire universe. The technology has certainly increased the access of humans to anything that remained impossible for years. However, though Artificial Intelligence has significant opportunity to expand the business with sustainable strategies, there are certain barriers like government regulations, ethical consideration, security and others that company must needs to address and resolve. The biggest apprehension of companies manufacturing robots is unfavourable government backed by political ground (Qureshi Syed, 2014). The government emphasizes on the fact that excessive use of robots could negatively influence the employment of the nation. The government raise the concern regarding the balance between the use of technology and the human. On the other side, due to the technological acceptance, the organizations using robots as their competency are rapidly increasing, which remains as the challenge for Artificial Intelligence Company. Thus, to provide suitable suggestions to the company, the study investigates the factors that influence the market in terms of robotic technologies. Likewise, it investigat es how the competitors in the industry dealing with the market barriers and gaining profits. An in-depth analysis has been provided in the following that reveals the key ideas useful for Artificial Intelligence Company in Brisbane in terms of the use of robots to gain competitive advantage. Definition and use of robotic technology Robots remain as the realty on factory assembly lines for over two decades but only in the recent time robots have become advanced enough penetrate into domestic context as well as office setting. As put forward by Belekoukias, Garza-Reyes Kumar (2014) the robotic industry has been a surging market, where multi-billion dollar global market led by industrial logistic use, has started to observe a significant shift towards new buyers and office application. In this context, Siciliano and Khatibm (2016) commented that there might be $1.5 billion market for the consumers as well as the business robots by 2020. A robot is a programmable mechanical device that could implement the task as well as interact with the environment without the aid of human interaction. As put forward by Brossog, Bornschlegl and Franke (2015), robotics is the science and technology behind the design, application of robots and manufacturing. The robots carry a variety of modern day uses and these uses can be categorized into three major areas such as industrial robots (manufacturing), robots in research and robots in educations. Thus, the organizations that sell robots have access to these three areas for marketing and promoting their products. Industrial robots-In industry, there are several jobs that need high extent of speed as well as precision. For many decades, the humans took responsibilities for all those jobs. Taking the advantage of technology, numerous industrial processes can be sped up as well as performed with the high extent of precision through the use of robots (Qureshi Syed, 2014). These jobs include manufacturing, transporting, packaging, painting and many more. Therefore, many organizations in the manufacturing and other companies that use robots are given in the following. Blue River Technology Company in Agriculture- The company has developed more than $ million to increase a robot that identifies the major problem in agriculture. The robot eliminates the weeds without including herbicideas to food crops by genetically modifying the seeds (Emmi et al., 2013). As the consequence, the farmers observe a significant growth in the profit margin as due to quality of food crops which is better for health. Figure 1: Use of robots in agriculture (Source: Emmi et al., 2013) Quiet Logistic-The Company Quiet Logistic currently uses a robot called Petite Locus Robot, which works alongside human in the warehouse to retrieve as well as seal orders (Angerer et al., 2012). The CEO of Quiet Logistic has mentioned that they are expecting an increase of productivity in the warehouse by 800%. Figure 2: Petite Locus Robot at Quiet Logistic (Source: Angerer et al., 2012) Best Buys Chloe- Chloe shifts through music, movies and game. It helps the customers that what want in the warehouse. This technology has not been used by other firms in the retail industry. When the buyers enter in a movie they want on a kiosk, the robot grabs what the buyers require in 30 seconds (Carreras et al., 2013). This robot completely eliminates the need for search. Figure 3: Chloe at Best Buy (Source: Carreras et al., 2013) Robot in Mining (Super-Droid Robots)- The below provided image of the robot was developed for mining to drive into abandoned mineshafts to look for potash leftover from decades ago. The Super- Droid robots developed the platform to carry the camera equipment as well as series of other sensors to receive the feedback (Nithya Sumathi 2012) Figure 4: Super- Droid Robot in mining (Source: Nithya Sumathi 2012) Robots in transportation- In the present days, the automotive sector records around $2 trillion revenue each year (Dietz et al., 2012). For example, Googles self driving cars have driven for 1.5 million mines completely autonomously and safely (Simonite, 2013). Another certain thing is, robotic cars do not drink, do not text and do not fall asleep at the wheel. Thus, the risk of accident remains very less. In addition, the robotic cars do not need parking spaces, as it automatically squeezes. As put forward by Huckaby, Vassos and Christensen (2013), the demand of robots in car transportation is significantly high compared to other industry. Scope of the organization The above-mentioned analysis helps to learn that almost each industry across the world have become accustomed with the use of robotic technology. The organizations are decreasing their cost of operation such as replacing human with technology. Especially, the transportation and agriculture industry has effectively used robots and gained necessary advantages. However, while focusing on Asian market, it has been observed that almost 58% of all salaried employees in Indonesia, Philippine, Cambodia might be displaced by automation and advanced technology (Brondon, 2014). In addition to this, the emerging market like India has the highest productivity due to the mass young population. Therefore, the government of the nation might not expect robots to be used in the manufacturing or any other sectors, as it could decrease the employment of opportunity. As put forward by Huckaby, Vassos and Christensen (2013) in the manufacturing industry of India such as pipe and pipe manufacturing, FMCG products manufacturing, robots rapidly handle the task, which was previously done by the low skilled employees. Nonetheless, the government and the organizations are intended to educate as well as train the employees for new high-tech jobs. This initiative could benefit all since it increases productivity as well as the wages. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence Company wanting to expand in Asian market with the competency of ICT might have to deal with the challenges, as the organizations and nations in Asia that rely on the low-cost labour as their major competitive advantage might not take the risk of using robots. This is because the global economy might fall behind. However, in Australia, Artificial Intelligence company has the significant opportunity to get into the market as the country has widely embraced the use of robots in each sector. In addition, the Australia is technologically developed and it mostly relies on technology in big mining operation and transportation. Australian population is lesser than Asian regions, which is probably the significant reason for the increasing acceptance of robots. The case study indicates Artificial Intelligence company wants to expand its business in Australia focusing on ICT as the core competency of gaining competitive advantage. Thus, it can be added that organization will be able to implement the initiatives due to the acceptance of technology in the region. Nevertheless, West (2015) commented that an increasing acceleration in automation technology involving the cheaper and more advanced robotic technologies could observe nearly 5 million Australians lose their jobs. Especially, the artificial intelligence sector in Australia observed a rapid growth in the technology. (Brady, Gerhardt Davidson, 2012) added that nearly 700 industrial robots are imported into Australia on an annual basis as well as more than 1 million are at work from several years across different industries. Thus, to remain competitive in Australian market, Artificial Intelligence Company needs to focus on using the robots that have not been used by other firms in the industry. Due to prospect for manufacturing in Australia as well as the difficulties in economy dominated by small and medium size firms, the reasons for optimism exist. Regardless of all challenges, a new generation of lightweight and assistive robots are expected to provide SMEs with several new options to enhance its competitive advantages and deal with the challenges of high cost and a deficiency of skilled workforce. Thereby, the idea of expanding the operation focussing on ICT remains as the scope for the com pany to gain competitive advantage in the new market. On the other side, to remain competitive in Asian market, it is necessary for Artificial Intelligence Company to use the robotics that requires human skills to use. Thus, the company could keep the balance between the use of technology and the human resource. Advantage and disadvantage of using robotic technology Advantage of using robotic technology The robots could go down into the undiscovered places, where the humans will be crushed. The robotic technologies deliver information that humans cannot access. These technologies work 24/7 without break and salary. This helps to the organizations to control the cost of operation. As mentioned by Sauppe and Mutlu (2015) the robots are cost effective as well as time effective. The robotic technologies could carry out the task with highest rapidity than humans. The technologies work much more consistently as well as accurately. For example, the robotic pets entertain patients to keep them out of stress. Reduces the cost of production- The organizations could receive a quick return on investment, which could outweighs the initial establishment cost (Pan et al., 2012). The robots finish the task quite rapidly, which has positive impact on the production. Shorter cycle duration- A lean manufacturing line is embedded in the robots which improve the efficiency. Moreover, it is observed that an automated robot has the capability to work constant speed without pausing for breaks, which increases to potential tom produce more than human (Gwiazda et al., 2015). Enhance quality and reliability- With the help of programming, the applications are performed with high repeatability and precision each time. The technology ensures that the product is produced with same and equal specification. Enhanced safety- Robots enhances safety as the workers are moved to supervisory roles where they no longer have to perform hazardous operation. Disadvantage of using robotic technology Loss of employment- The significant issue with using robotic technologies are the loss of jobs of massive population. Particularly, the robots have destroyed the vast range of middle class jobs in many sectors such as automobile industry (West, 2015). Thus, government of many nations have raised the concern of limiting the use of robotic technologies. Lack of intelligence- As robots do not have additional intelligence, they can never enhance the results of the task they perform outside of their pre-defined programming. Cost of regular maintenance- The organizations need to calculate the cost of robotic automation in light business. The use of such technology could sometimes cost a lot of money, which could be larger than the financial budget (Huckaby, Vassos Christensen, 2013). The regular maintenance of robots requires a huge amount of money. Conclusion In conclusion, it can be added that even though, the organizations using robotic technologies in the operation face many barriers, due to the government regulations regarding employment, the world happily embraced the advancement of technology. Thus, by using the unique robotic devices, the company in the new markets will be able to produce more products alongside using the human resource. To remain competitive in the market, the organizations must focus on the productivity; thereby, using robotic technology, the company could speed the productivity within a short time while other firms with human resources might lag behind. Recommendation In order to remain competitive in the Australian and Asian market, Artificial Intelligence Company needs to focus on the use of robotic technology in transportation. The entire world is highly concerned about the environmental pollution caused by excessive use of fuels. Thus, Artificial Intelligence firm needs to focus on developing robotic cars that are fuel efficient with the help of high-tech electronics to guide drivers in a wide variety of ways. The robotic vehicles could interact with each other through traffic signals and roads. The company needs to incorporate vision enhancement devices in the robotic trucks to navigate through the bad weather. This will help the drivers to learn the expected collision with a pedestrian. The robotic cars should be developed in way that warns the drivers when they are drowsy. The Artificial Intelligence should poise to change the way people use the cars in road. The artificial intelligence should be poised in a way that cars with radio signals , sensors as well as cameras navigate through the roads which reduces the chances of accidents. The manufacturing of such vehicles in Australian and Asian market is less or rare. Thus, the company could develop such unique product to penetrate in the market at the initial stage of starting the operation. Reference Angerer, S., Strassmair, C., Staehr, M., Roettenbacher, M., Robertson, N. M. (2012, April). Give me a handThe potential of mobile assistive robots in automotive logistics and assembly applications. InTechnologies for Practical Robot Applications (TePRA), 2012 IEEE International Conference on(pp. 111-116). IEEE. Belekoukias, I., Garza-Reyes, J. A., Kumar, V. (2014). The impact of lean methods and tools on the operational performance of manufacturing organisations.International Journal of Production Research,52(18), 5346-5366. Brady, M., Gerhardt, L., Davidson, H. F. (Eds.). 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